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The Eight Pillars of Digital Marketing Success

Every Adestra client has the opportunity to benefit from our methodology. Our Customer Success team will work closely with you and your Account Manager, focusing on what we understand to be the eight strategic areas that underpin a successful marketing strategy:


Ensure your customers get the right message at the right time. Understand where to harness the power of automation to drive efficiency, great customer experiences, and incremental revenue, all with minimal operational lift.

Cross-channel engagement

Email shouldn't exist in a silo. Develop seamless customer journeys across multiple touchpoints by utilizing our platform's cross-channel functionality and integrating effectively with your wider marketing stack.

Customer intelligence & reporting

Optimize your use of our in-platform reporting functionality to reveal meaningful and actionable insights and trends. We'll help you to apply this intelligence to optimize the performance of your email marketing.


Through sharing best practice and providing expert consultancy, we arm you with the knowledge and support to maximize your deliverability. Ensuring your message hits home relies upon consistency and reputation.

Digital Design

Optimize your email design and build to delight your customers, and drive results for your business. Make your emails stand out in the inbox through beautiful templates, interactive elements, and cutting-edge design.

Data optimization & growth

Leverage data across your whole business, and ensure your lists work harder for you. We have a rigorous approach to data privacy, and can help you to safeguard your clients' data and remain compliant under tightening data regulations.

Segmentation, targeting & personalization

Make sure your marketing hits the mark with expert advice on how to segment your audiences, identifying and utilizing the most powerful tactics to give your customers the personalized touch they expect.

Testing & optimization

Use Adestra's powerful functionality to help you understand what to test and why. Develop testing plans and use the output to drive continuous improvement in the performance of your email marketing.

What our users say

"The Adestra platform itself is super intuitive and easy to use. I love the automation options that allow us to set up smart, targeted campaigns to reach people at the most optimal times. And I'm excited to try out their new automated workflow campaign solution."

Emily Agnew

Marketing Manager at Extra Energy

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