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Multivariant testing

Deploy split tests with any number of variants, from subject lines to image content and personalization options.

Split testing email
Campaign testing

Check your campaign's content and functions by sending yourself or your team a test email. You can even split test an automated program across different paths.

Content check

Our built-in Litmus functionality lets you see how the most popular email clients display your campaign on web or mobile.

What our users say

"I first tried the Automation Program Builder with a test list and gave each of the contacts instructions to either open the email, open and click a link, or don't open the email. After the 20-minute delay that I had set, they each received the relevant email based on their previous action! Works like magic!"

Peter Merrigan

Advertising Manager at Which Bingo

Spam check

Display your spam score and receive information to help ensure your messages do not get caught in recipients' spam filters.

Optimize for mobile

Test within the platform before you send to ensure your emails are rendering well on mobile.

Learn from your data

Combine our testing and reporting tools to ensure you are delivering the right content to the right contact.

Hit the inbox

See how your email marketing conversation rate could benefit from our suite of email marketing testing features.