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Email Marketing for Not-for-profits

For any not-for-profit or charity, email marketing is an incredibly cost-effective channel. It can help you to raise awareness and drive donations. Plus it can keep you in touch with your supporters, subscribers and members.

Adestra’s MessageFocus can help take your email marketing to the next level. We’ll help you create personalised email marketing campaigns, to successfully engage all your stakeholders.

You have great people working for you, always helpful, always friendly, always going the extra step to get me the help I need. Crisis

With MessageFocus, your non-profit organisation can:

Integrating your data, emails, and mailing lists couldn’t be easier. We offer your organisation:

In a recent study, Return Path looked at which sectors best optimised their email deliverability. Sadly, the non-profit sector was one of the worst performers. Make sure you’re not missing out on everything email marketing can do for you.