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Email Marketing for Agencies

Need an email platform that can hold all your clients separately – but in one account? Always logging in and out of your email platform for different clients? Then Adestra’s MessageFocus is the email platform for you.

Our unique MessageFocus structure is a perfect fit for marketing agencies. We’ve designed it to boost your account control, automation and client quality assurance. Plus, MessageFocus will streamline your account structure.

Thank you for making my job a lot easier, and helping me learn more along the way. Cyance

Your clients can all exist in one account. But they can also have separate data tables, unsubscribe lists and functionality. And you only need one login to see them all.

Plus, you can give your client a login that only allows them to see the emails and reporting for their email campaigns only, hiding all of the rest of your clients from them.

That’s not all we offer you. With MessageFocus in place, you can:

  • ensure ultimate quality control for your clients’ email marketing campaigns – with our unique approval system
  • save time creating automated emails and email campaigns – with our easy-to-use email editors and system campaigns
  • run effective welcome programmes, renewal programmes and other lifecycle campaigns
  • send birthday emails and purchase reminders – based on previous customer actions

Integrating your data, emails, and mailing lists couldn’t be easier. We offer your marketing agency:

  • CRM integration
  • web analytics integration
  • integration with many websites

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