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Full deliverability and email marketing audits

We are regularly approached by clients to carry out bespoke audits, critically reviewing their email deliverability best practices. Our deliverability service considers all aspects of your campaigns over a given period – content, shortened URLs, missing plain text, and even font color are all contributory factors which can endanger your spam score.

Email Deliverability Reports

Forecast how many of your emails are likely to reach their recipient, track inbox placement, and encourage interaction.

Email marketing audits

Have your campaigns critically reviewed by us with a bespoke audit. Gain better context surrounding the issues you are facing.

Unrivaled ISP reputation

We only work with selected customers operating with current ISP-approved email deliverability best practices.

What our users say

"Working with Adestra has raised Fat Media’s email offering to a new level, in-line with our web development prowess. Their expertise, affability and vision make for the ideal attributes of a long-term strategic partner. Crucially, over our 8 year tenure they’ve helped ease Fat Media’s evolution from development specialists into a fully-integrated digital and marketing company."

Fat Media

Email Reputation Management

It’s important to make a good impression from your first sends with Adestra – we can talk you through send volume and frequency to protect your deliverability score.

Automatic Suppression

We will automatically suppress known bounce addresses and feedback loop complaints, even if you don’t spot them.

Blacklist monitoring

Employ industry best practices such as using relevant content, growing data organically, and facilitate ease of unsubscribing to avoid blacklisting.


Analyze and estimate how many of your emails are hitting the inbox with a comprehensive report.

Expert help

Our in-house email specialists are here to advise you on how to achieve the best possible deliverability.

Intelligent strategy

Marketing campaign reviews can have a marked effect on the success and efficiency of your sends.


Facing issues in your marketing? Campaign analysis can safeguard your email deliverability and predict upcoming trends.

Increase your reach today

Alongside our expert support, we provide in-platform tools to give you better control over your email marketing deliverability. Sign up for a demo to find out more.