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The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a professional society working to engineer a better world. The increasing complexity and diversity of the engineering world brings many challenges, from skills shortages to consistency of professional standards. There has never been greater need for an independent, trusted body with international standing to deliver a clear vision and voice to address these.

With a heritage reaching back over 140 years and nearly 160,000 members spanning 127 countries, the IET are well placed to support the engineers and technicians who share our common vision of working to engineer a better world.


  • To turn Wiring Matters, a print magazine, to an email newsletter
  • To engage a digitally-reluctant audience via email

The Challenge

Wiring Matters had always been a free, print magazine delivered to its subscribers’ doors. The idea of moving it online had existed for a while, but the organization was concerned about how well readers would react to the new format. However, they decided to take the digital leap and have been delighted with the results.

The Solution

As the subscribers were already used to getting Wiring Matters to their door, what better way to deliver the magazine, than through a regular email newsletter to their inbox?

First, the company had to form a database of contacts. They already had the email addresses of their subscribers, as these were collected during the subscription process. Nevertheless, the audience was also sent a letter informing them of the change, and asking them to supply their active email address. A welcome message was sent to all opted-in contacts to advise them of the upcoming first digital issue.

Secondly, the layout of the email was designed to retain the branding of the print version for consistency. It was built to make individual articles stand out, with clear ways to click through and read each piece in full.

Thirdly, the content is carefully selected for each issue by the Wiring Matters Editor, who works with the Technical Regulations team and industry leaders and organizations.


By openly communicating with their subscribers, the IET successfully managed the transition to digital while keeping the audience engaged, despite the predicted reluctance. Not only that, but their newsletter has a fantastic average open-rate of 53%, and a click-through rate of 46% – both well above the industry average.

Taking the digital leap has not only saved the IET print and distribution costs, but it has also allowed them to respond to industry news quickly and introduce new digital avenues. Thanks to the ease of using Adestra’s technology and the email medium, they can now produce special issues responding to breaking news in the industry in a timely manner. One such issue had a click-to-open rate of 59%, demonstrating the advantage of getting the right information to the audience at the right time.

They have also started using podcasts and videos, which have been met with success, thus offering even more value to their readers.


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