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September 2012 | Through the use of strong branding and an innovative organic data collection strategy, Media 10 achieved a 76% open rate for their Star Trek themed email campaign.  

Company name: Media 10
On behalf of: Destination Star Trek London
Designed and developed by: Jill Ubdegrove, David Stephenson, Paul O’Neal

Campaign details

Subject line: Five Captains, one great event – tickets on sale at 1pm
Open: 76%
Click: 52%
New contacts: 12K


The email was sent to data organically collected through an online teaser campaign. It featured limited details of the event which asked for the subscriber’s basic contact and demographic information.


  • To boost ticket sales for the Star Trek London event
  • To create awareness for the event
  • Drive traffic to the website

What makes this a performing campaign?

Online Data Capture

Media 10 began the campaign by incentivising the data capture process in order to maximise interest. They offered registrants the opportunity be entered onto a ‘ Starfleet’ list and receive early event updates. The simple online data capture form was broadcast via their forum and Twitter feed in an attempt to generate sign-ups from an already engaged audience. Basic details were required from the registrant asking for contact and demographic information.

The online data collection strategy was designed not only to create initial interest around the event but to act as a KPI for the event’s engagement levels. Media 10 hoped for around 5000 signups via the online form and in the first 12 hours they had already hit 34% of their target. Response rates from the initial social media and online campaign were positive. The form generated over 4k unique views and of those, 41% of people submitted.

Email Campaign

The real success from this integrated campaign story is the email itself. From the perspective of best practice, it demonstrates a cohesive use of branding through strategy and design. The naming tactic for both the from name and address included the use of “˜Star Trek’ in each title whilst the subject line communicated key information about the event and encouraged ticket sales by detailing their availability.

The campaign’s creative further capitalised on the strengths of the Star Trek brand, using imagery and typography throughout to engage the reader. Information about the event was strategically placed amongst brand assets throughout the email to constantly remind and inform the recipient of the event. Below two call-to-actions for the event’s website and ticket booking site, the most important details for ticket purchases featured, encouraging the reader to view all of the content in the email before navigating away. At the bottom of the email the creative featured logos from affiliated companies which further strengthened the perception of brand quality and raise recipient engagement rates.

The results

The organic data collection drive for the Star Trek campaign generated over 12k new contacts for the launch and the email campaign produced an open rate of 76%, well above industry standards. The high result was largely due to the campaign’s targeting strategy. In choosing to communicate with audiences via social media and forum channels, Media 10 ensured that they approached people already interested in the subject matter and could maximise potential for data capture.

As the campaign’s primary communication tool, the email needed to perform well in order to boost ticket sales and generate revenue for the event. With a click rate of 52%, over half of the click activity was generated by recipients accessing the ticket booking call-to-action. As a result of the increased web traffic generated by the email, the Star Trek convention witnessed higher than predicted first day sales.

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