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Rapid is one of the UK’s leading distributors of electronic components, cables and connectors, electrical products, tools and educational resources. The company is committed to offering customers an unrivaled choice of products, competitively priced and suitable for modern application requirements.


  • Inform customers on the different features of the website and dedicated customer service team.
  • Encourage customers to order more online, increasing traffic to the website.
  • Decrease the rate of customer dormancy.

The Challenge

Many of Rapid’s competitors have large product catalogues so in order to stand out in the market, the business chose to focus on their service offering as a differentiator. The company offers a bespoke quote service for large orders and advanced online features that make it easier for customers to reorder the products they need. Another challenge for Rapid is that historically the majority of sales were offline so increasing the online revenue was a priority to make the business more efficient.

The Solution

To introduce customers to different advanced features of the website, Rapid expanded their welcome email to an eight-stage program using Adestra’s Automation Program Builder. The first six campaigns include short videos explaining how to use the website for anything from using personalised order codes to quick order forms and requesting a quotation. The program then introduces the bespoke quote and customer service teams. All emails are short and to the point focusing on one feature at a time and include links to other resources such as FAQs, delivery option and opening a credit account.

They are sent using a one-week delay in between campaigns to keep customers engaged while the company is front-of-mind, while at the same time not overwhelming them.

The Result

The welcome program achieved an average 27% open rate, with a peak of 34% in the second email. Most importantly, expanding the welcome email to a series decreased the rate of customer dormancy by a whopping 20%.


open rate


decreased customer dormancy

What are they planning next?

Rapid aren’t resting on their laurels though. To optimize their messaging, the company is looking to split-test the order of messaging in the welcome program. Rapid is also interested to implement more targeted communications including a re-engagement program for customers who are less engaged with their emails and segmented campaigns based on how much customers spend.