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Apr 11 2018
3:00 pm UTC
by Rob Amos
Rob Amos
Rob Amos- Global Strategic Partnerships Manager at Adestra

What does a truly connected Martech stack look like?

With increasing pressure for marketers to incorporate best-of-breed automation, personalization, and machine learning tools into their everyday strategy, the sheer volume of integration options out there can feel overwhelming.

In many ways, this presents an exciting opportunity. Rather than retrofitting your existing processes to map against the off-the-shelf MarTech provider you’ve bundled yourself into, this home-grown mass of marketing technology empowers you to integrate and interweave the closest fit to your circumstances and brand.

That’s the idea, at least. But how can you make these seemingly disparate elements work seamlessly for you?

Drawing on his 20 years’ experience in the industry, Rob will guide you through the process of integrating wisely, looking at example stacks and flows and identifying the questions you should be asking when aligning your goals to a new provider. Rob will also look at the very real risk of ‘MarTech FOMO’ (do you really need that particular integration, or are you being lured by the latest shiny penny?), and why we at Adestra believe so strongly in the value of starting with data when integrating for our clients’ needs.

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