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October 2012 | By knowing what email clients their contacts were using, Long Tall Sally reacted with a striking email design to showcase their new season collection. 

Company name: Long Tall Sally
Designed and developed by: Bee Baker and Claudia Luque

Campaign details

Subject line: Update your Wardrobe

Open: 23% (of attempted)
Click: 3.9% (of attempted)


The campaign was launched to Long Tall Sally’s customer list and focused on their new season products.


  • Raise awareness of their new season collection
  • Drive traffic to
  • Increase engagement and create a campaign that would stand out from the rest

What makes this a performing campaign?

The Design
Long Tall Sally created an email campaign that focused heavily on imagery, rather than text. The body of the email consisted largely of product photography taken from Long Tall Sally’s latest collection. The twist however is that these images were all animated gif files. Long Tall Sally knew that a large proportion of their data used web based email clients that would support the animations and display them correctly. This meant that more people would benefit from the striking design and instantly engage with the campaign.Changing images meant more opportunities for recipients to click as they were presented with a product they liked and wanted to go to the website to find out more. However those recipients whose email clients didn’t support animated gifs weren’t left in the dark. They still had the opportunity to benefit from the offer and were presented with the same product imagery and core promotional messages as those who used webmail, but just as a static image.

Use of copy
To offset the images in the campaign, Long Tall Sally placed promotional copy in the centre. Details of the customer’s promotion were listed along with a call to action allowing people to shop the collection and benefit from the offer – each customer’s specific promotion was inserted dynamically based on the database. With such limited copy in the email campaign, recipients were left to engage with the most important element: the new product range and visit Long Tall Sally’s website to purchase.

The results

65% of unique opens were from email clients capable of displaying the campaign’s animated graphics. Long Tall Sally therefore succeeded in creating an engaging email design which would be enjoyed by the vast majority of their contacts.

*Statistics taken from the DMA National Email Benchmarking Report 2011, August 2012 Edition

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Full email campaign

Full campaign