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May 16 2018
3:00 pm UTC
by Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Katie Evans - Key Account Manager at Adestra

Whether it’s vowing to scale Machu Pichu or dusting off your trainers to run a community 10k, anyone who’s trained for a charity fundraising event will know the value of a personalized and uplifting supporter journey.

First-Person Marketing communications have never been more crucial in the charity sector, as organizations seek to maintain one-to-one supporter relationships within a crowded inbox. This may seem easier said than done in a sector increasingly under pressure to cut costs, maintain high standards of data, and facilitate sophisticated integrations across multiple donor journeys. Katie Evans, one of our Key Account Managers here at Adestra, will talk through the value of automation in countering these obstacles, drawing on her own experience in working with high-profile charity clients such as Oxfam and the NSPCC.

Starting with an overview of just how much the charity sector stands to gain from automating fundraiser journeys, Katie will drill down into specific case studies and address the mechanics of what happened behind the scenes in each instance. She’ll also offer expert tips on testing, automation, and prolonging the donor relationship post-event.

You can also catch Katie at Fundraising Week 2018, where she’ll be exploring what makes a successful fundraising approach and how even the smallest charitable organization can work to achieve it.

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