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NSPCC is the leading children’s charity in the UK, specializing in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. They’re the only UK children’s charity with statutory powers which means they can take action to safeguard children at risk of abuse.


  • Improve efficiency and reduce necessary resource.
  • Increase conversions and donor lifetime value.
  • Increase engagement with email.


The Challenge

As a small team, it was necessary to automate as much as possible to reduce resource and allow time to focus on developing their email strategy to improve results. Triggered emails and personalization were essential to ensure the emails are delivered in a timely fashion and include relevant content.

NSPCC failed transaction

The Solution

Transactional emails supporting the donation process are triggered via the Adestra API. These include confirmation of donation received and notifications if there is a problem, e.g. failed credit card.

They are personalized using the:

  • Donor’s name
  • Donation type
  • Amount donated
  • Direct Debit details

Previously these emails were triggered from their web platform – so NSPCC couldn’t track their performance or re-send when required. It was also much harder to make changes to these emails because it involved a lengthy process to update them. Now NSPCC are experimenting with testing different variations and improving results.


The abandoned donation campaign is triggered using Adestra’s Conversion Capture (abandoned basket) functionality, allowing NSPCC more control to update the emails easily and change timings, to analyze their results and see active people online in the donation process.

Sharing stories and updates is an important part of keeping that emotional connection with their cause. NSPCC sends weekly newsletters to childcare professionals and their content has been completely automated to auto-populate from their blog to save time and require minimum effort to maintain. New subscribers to these emails are fed directly into Adestra’s platform MessageFocus.

NSPCC take part in and run many different events across the year. Keeping participants informed and supporting them with their fundraising efforts is a massive challenge. They have now set up an automated participation journey ensuring that fundraisers receive timely information on how to set up their fundraising page, as well as ideas and encouragement as the event approaches. Depending on how close to the event they sign up, the number of emails and frequency is automatically adjusted to ensure they receive the key information at the right time.

The Result

mail automation continues to save the team time and deliver great engagement across NSPCC’s email program. Their average recaptured donation value from the abandoned donation emails is a fantastic £38.

A particular success is the participation journey. For the Big Board Game Day, the automated program achieved four times as many email opens and a 21% higher click to open rate compared to the previous year when emails were sent manually on an ad-hoc basis.


recaptured donation


higher click-to-open rate for Big Board Game Day emails

What’s next?

  • Using the Email Editor – responsive templates, lock-down elements, quicker campaign creation
  • Developing automation – updating their welcome journey for new supporters
  • More testing & optimization of emails – the abandoned donation & donor transactional emails