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June 2013 | Embracing a new, responsive design to appeal to their increasingly mobile readership gave the TechRadar newsletter an impressive 28% average CTOR across emails sent in this campaign.

Company name: Future Publishing – TechRadar Magazine
Designed and developed by:
Ben Tatlow, Future (Marketing)
Jane Wan, Future (Design)
Sarah Ditum, Future (Editorial)
Paul Dyke, Adestra (Production)

Campaign details

Subject line: WIN! A BlackBerry Z10!

Open: 27%
Click: 8.7%


What data was used?

The TechRadar database

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Subscribers to the TechRadar weekly newsletter


To increase engagement with the TechRadar brand, traffic back to the website, and uptake of the affiliate deals.

What makes this a performing campaign?

According to their MessageFocus reports, the tech-enthusiast subscribers to the TechRadar weekly newsletter were increasingly opening their email on mobile devices. Over a third of subscribers were using mobile clients, with mail for iPad being the second most popular email client overall.

A publication based around promoting the latest technology can’t exactly sit on their laurels when it comes to adopting it, so the TechRadar team worked with the Adestra production team to develop a responsive template that would scale and look slick on any device, from the smallest Blackberry screen, to the biggest retina display, and all phones, tablets, and monitors in-between.

The results

Engagement is up across the campaign since this new template was implemented. The click-through rate has increased from 6.9 to 8.7%, and the click to open ratio, an important measure of engagement, has risen from 22% to 28%.

Adopting a responsive template to increase engagement with the high percentage of mobile readers is paying off for Future publishing’s TechRadar. For a publication whose strapline is “Technology. Tested.” putting a responsive template to the test has clearly come out as a big win.

Want to know more?

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