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Blue CrossJune 2012 | By split testing the from name for their monthly newsletter, Blue Cross successfully managed to boost engagement levels after opting for a more personal approach to the email campaign’s from name.

Company name: Blue Cross
Designed and developed by: Natasha Kleanthous

Campaign details

Subject line: Was it too late to save poorly dog Wallsie?
Open: 32% (of attempted)
Click: 14% (of attempted)


Blue Cross send a monthly email newsletter to their master list, containing contacts who have subscribed to receive emails from Blue Cross, either by signing up via their website or opting in to receive communications from the charity.


  1. Raise awareness of the work that Blue Cross carries out
  2. Encourage recipients to get involved
  3. To evoke emotion in recipients to drive them to make donations

What makes this a performing campaign?

This campaign is working proof that split testing can improve results as it reveals what your recipients prefer.
Blue Cross successfully managed to identify the right tone for their from name to increase open and click through rates on this campaign, by an average of almost 10%. Previously, they had always used “˜Blue Cross’ as the from name and while this carries strong branding benefits, they were inclined to try a more personal approach to see how their recipients would react. By changing to “˜Natasha at Blue Cross’, they managed to engage readers as soon as the email arrived in their inboxes and increase the campaign’s open rate by 12%.

Inbox clutter can be a constant concern for today’s email marketers and the challenge to get your message to the top of the inbox can be one fought with personal or emotive messages. By utilising best practice advice for their campaign, Blue Cross managed to communicate personality in their campaign in order to stand out in their recipient’s inboxes and increase engagement levels.

Aside from personalising the from name, this campaign also performed well from a design aspect thanks to subtle copy and call to action changes.

Blue Cross altered their introduction text and made it much shorter with only one call to action (to read the headline story about Wallsie the dog). Previously they’d included more call to actions in the introduction and made little mention of the headline story. The result was that the “˜Read the full story now’ link in the intro was the most clicked on link in the whole newsletter and demonstrates how simplicity can often lead to higher recipient engagement.

Blue Cross also recently redesigned their email template in an attempt to make it more attractive and easy to navigate. Altering the primary colour to blue made the template more pleasurable to view and the tabbed layout at the top links to relevant sections in the newsletter, making it simple to navigate. Ancillary graphics, images and logos are used throughout the design that help to add interest and break up the sections of copy for the reader.

The results

By testing a more personal from name Blue Cross enjoyed a 12% higher open rate and a 7% higher click rate compared to the original campaign.

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