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NBSJune 2011 | NBS sent specially targeted emails to segmented data and this led to a highly engaged audience allowing this campaign to achieve an open rate of 56% and a click through rate of 27%.

Company name: NBS
Designed and developed by: NBS Online Services

Campaign details

Subject line: Your update on Building Information Modelling from NBS

Open: 56% (of attempted)
Click: 27% (of attempted)


NBS is the mar ket leading provider of expert technical information, specification support, and document management tools to all those working in the built environment. This particular email is one of a few subscriptions that they offer subscribers to opt-in to for free to showcase their expertise. All data was newly opted-in via the website.


  • To increase awareness of NBS.
  • To increase subscriber engagement with communications.

What makes this a performing campaign?

By looking at the results there is no question that this is a performing campaign. The level of engagement that the 27% click through rate suggests is four times the 7% industry benchmark.

How was this achieved?

NBS achieved this by allowing subscribers to choose exactly what information they would like to receive. On opting in subscribers can choose what interest areas they would like to receive information on via an Adestra Preference Centre. The newsletters are then created around these topics to ensure that they will be relevant and engaging.

The email creative gives subscribers plenty of opportunities to click. Headers and images for stories are linked as well as call to actions.

Good mix of content, catering for different recipient needs, including news, recommended reading and links to hosted videos.

Level of engagement
The MessageFocus heatmap allows you to gauge the popularity of different topics within email. Generally the further down the email the lower the number of clicks. This campaign generally remains consistent with this trend except for the very last link which accounts for 17% of all clicks. This again is testament to the level of engagement present within this campaign as it suggests that audiences are reading right to the bottom of the email.

The results

Specially targeted emails sent to segmented data has led to a highly engaged audience allowing this campaign to achieve an open rate of 56% and a click through rate of 27%.

Want to know more?

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