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July 2013 | Optimising for both effort and engagement pays off in big ways for the Incisive Financial Publishing email team.

Company name: Incisive Media
Designed and developed by: Natasha Gordon-Douglas

Campaign details

Subject line: Keep ahead of the challenges your industry is facing
Open: 21%
Click: 5.1%


What data was used?

An automatically generated list of recipients as part of a triggered subscription campaign

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Potential subscribers to WatersTechnology magazine, Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data


To add another effective touch-point for encouraging subscriptions via a free trial, without burdening the time-poor subscriptions team with a lot of extra work

What makes this a performing campaign?

As power-users of the MessageFocus platform, the team at Incisive regularly dig deep into all the different ways they can optimise campaigns. They maximise engagement by employing email best practice according to their campaign reports, and save valuable time with campaign presets, preferences, and automation features.

When they wanted to use an email series during a trial offer to increase subscriptions for some of their financial publications, the team at Incisive Media knew they had to develop effective campaigns for their target recipient, as well as do it in a way that would be an efficient use of time for their busy team.

They used MessageFocus reporting to gain insight into the top email clients used by their recipients (Outlook), and ensured they were optimising the campaigns for that group. Tactics included using alt tags for all their images, so their message still gets through, ensuring the “˜sign up’ button was crafted as text, so it shows up no matter what, and branding the from name and address for instant inbox recognition, as well as including various colours in their text to differentiate the titles they’re promoting.

But the message’s simplicity betrays the sophisticated workflow in the background. This is the fourth email in a series that sends automatically to new signups of the trial subscription. It also makes extensive use of filters to ensure that, based on receipt of, and response to, past campaigns, this premium subscription offer is highly targeted. Recipients truly feel that they’re receiving an offer personalised to their business needs, building in exclusivity and brand enhancement for WatersTechnology magazine.

The results

After researching what works for their mailing lists, and using filters to craft this highly-targeted and automated campaign, the team at Incisive are enjoying watching the new subscriptions roll in as this “˜set it and forget it’ campaign runs in the background.

Want to know more?

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