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Specialist Media ShowJuly 2012 | By combining the powerful reporting functionality of Adestra’s MessageFocus and the resources of a dedicated telemarketing company, The Specialist Media Show managed to boost their conversion rates by an extra 40%. 

Company name: Specialist Media Show
Designed and developed by: Carolyn Morgan

Campaign details

Subject line: Are you shaping the future of specialist media?

Open: 19% (of attempted)
Click: 6.5% (of opened)


A mix of in-house and partner data was used to encourage delegates to sign up for The Specialist Media Show’s conference.


  • Encourage delegates to book for The Specialist Media Conference
  • Target already interested email recipients with conference invites
  • Maintain cost effectiveness by only contacting “˜hot’ leads

What makes this a performing campaign?

The Specialist Media Conference is a paid-for event and takes place on the same day as the free-to-register Specialist Media Show.  It’s a niche show that appeals to senior publishers who want to converse with peers and meet suitable suppliers.

The Specialist Media Show knew that it takes a while for potential attendees to decide to attend a conference and that a personal phone call to follow up an email invitation can make a big difference to attendance conversion. The show therefore employed the help of a telemarketing company to call interested parties and remind them of the conference.

Their aim was to use the MessageFocus reporting to identify those delegates who had shown interest in the conference by clicking through to the website via one of several call-to-actions, such as the conference programme or speaker list. By producing a click report from the campaign, The Specialist Media Show were able to export a list of recipients who were interested in the show, and pass that information onto the telemarketing company for follow-up. This ensured that the telesales team were only contacting interested leads and enabled them to maintain a healthy ROI for the total campaign.

Over the total period the telemarketing team called approximately 600 people, generating an extra 30 delegate bookings for the conference. The combined email marketing and telesales campaign delivered 35% of total delegates, 40% of which came from the email click through list.

The results

By intelligently using MessageFocus reporting combined with telesales, The Specialist Media Show grew bookings by 35%, with 40% of this increase directly from email leads.

Want to know more?

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