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January 2013 | Euromoney wanted to maximise subscriptions for their financial forecast publication. A free trial was offered to recipients via email and a personalised landing page. Using personal information in the sign up form meant Euromoney saved time for the recipient and increased sign up rates.

Company name: Euromoney
Designed and developed by: Euromoney Campaigns and Conversion Marketing Team

Campaign details

Subject line: You have been selected

Open: 11% (of attempted)
Click: 4.4% (of attempted)


This campaign was targeted at Euromoney prospects with the aim of encouraging them to sign up and receive 3 free issues of their financial forecast publication.


  • Generate as many free trials as possible for BCA research
  • Simplify the form completion process for recipients
  • Increase campaign conversions

What makes this a performing campaign?

The email template used for this campaign featured a simple, 2 column layout with a main header bar on top. Each of the three areas contained concise copy clearly describing the research on offer as well as a call-to-action directing the recipient to a landing page. Its purpose was drive people to the landing page and encourages conversions.

Adestra’s creative services team developed the landing page for the campaign to encourage people to sign up to the BCA research. To simplify the sign-up process for the user, the form was pre-filled with their details meaning it only needed to be reviewed and any blank sections completed. By personalising the form for the recipient, Euromoney demonstrated a level of customer loyalty and showed that they were proactively managing their customer’s journey with them.

To optimise conversions, the landing page was multivariate tested using two different template designs. Although the main template remained the same, the primary call-to-action for the landing page was altered in order to determine the most effective touch point for the recipient. The main button was tested in an orange and blue design to see which was most effective. The orange version out-performed the blue achieving 15% higher clicks.

The results

A healthy B2B email conversion rate with a lead generation objective is around 4%*. Thanks to Euromoney’s simple email layout, strategic placement of tested call-to-actions and a personalised landing page the campaign achieved conversions of 4.4%, a 10% increase on average B2B email conversion rates.
*Source: Marketing Charts

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