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The Diamond Store started in 2006 with the aim of giving shoppers the best online jewelry shopping experience possible. 7 years on and their mission is simple. Luxury with Confidence. Offering the best jewelry solution for their customers through simple website design and exceptional customer service is how they achieve their goal.


  • To implement an effective abandoned basket email solution
  • To encourage customers to purchase via email instead of phone to avoid draining team resources

The Challenge

The Diamond Store’s commitment to customer service meant the marketing team manually followed-up on basket abandoners by phone. However, they weren’t able to reach online shoppers in a timely fashion, and this was putting pressure on their use of human resources. They needed a more effective solution that would encourage the consumer to purchase, rather than pressure them, and keep true to the company’s dedication to positive customer service.

The Solution

The Diamond Store worked with Adestra’s Project Management team to implement Conversion Capture, our abandoned basket technology. This would send an automated email to customers who didn’t complete the checkout process.

Because the Adestra team worked closely with The Diamond Store throughout the implementation process, Conversion Capture was up and running quickly, and the process of connecting it to their online store went smoothly. Also, The Diamond Store were involved in the design and copy of the automated email to make sure it aligned with their brand promise.


Because customers received a follow-up with an email automatically, rather than by phone, timeliness has also increased the impact of the message. The Diamond Store are now recovering an average basket value of £500.

Their marketing team now dedicate those resources to other activities, as they saved 3.5 hours every week, which would have otherwise been spent on telesales.


average basket value recaptured


“Adestra really helped us with an intelligent and sophisticated solution. They helped to increase our conversions whilst managing to remain loyal to our brand image and sensitivity to a positive customer experience.” Chavi Spitzer, Online Marketing