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Home of The 2010 Ryder Cup, The Celtic Manor Resort is a world-class destination for business, golf and leisure. With three hotels, six restaurants, two health spas, three golf courses, convention centre, exhibition hall and a host of adventure activities, this luxurious five star resort was named ‘European Golf Resort of the Year’, ‘UK Sports Venue of the Year’ and M&IT ‘Best UK Hotel’ in 2011.


  • To build awareness
  • Increase viral data capture
  • Encourage existing subscribers to share content

 The Challenge

The ‘forward to a friend’ form and sharing to social networks have been around for some time, and consumers are used to the format. The key challenge to their sharing strategy was how to encourage existing subscribers to forward the content to their connections, using the form rather than hitting forward in their email client.

The Solution

By adding incentives, marketers at The Celtic Manor Resort were able to drive this viral data capture and encourage their subscribers to pass on their emails and content to their friends and connections. Everyone who shares an email campaign or link with their friends either via the form or on their social networks is automatically entered into a prize draw. This changes periodically to keep up interest. Each incentive has a dedicated section in their email campaigns, ensuring their sharing strategy is visible and actionable to their existing subscribers.

For those who are forwarded the email, they receive a different email which introduces The Celtic Manor Resort. This email provides the recipient with an incentive to subscribe to their campaigns, driving viral data capture again.

The Result

Within one hour of the sharing strategy being launched in the first email campaign, 50 people had forwarded the campaign to their friends and 70 had shared to their social networks. After one month, 459 people had forwarded the email to friends (many to multiple friends) and around 300 social network shares. This culminated in 1901 new subscribers for The Celtic Manor Resort, with more continuing to share.

“Using MessageFocus technology, we have been able to grow our database by encouraging our existing subscribers to share our content and drive awareness. This simple, yet highly effective method is integral to our new sharing for data acquisition strategy and something we are looking to expand upon with Adestra over the coming months.” Marketing Manager, James Lewis



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