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Nov 01 2017
4:00 pm UTC
by Dr Dave Chaffey
Bestselling author and marketing guru Dave Chaffey co-authored our 2018 Improving Engagement report in collaboration with Smart Insights, in which he uncovered the challenges faced by marketers seeking to increase sales through lifecycle engagement.  The results make interesting reading: achieving engagement seems to be a struggle across the board, and only 11% of respondents considered their engagement strategy to be a successful one.

It’s a well-known fact that engaged customers are loyal customers. From personalization to automation, through integration, reporting, and re-targeting, every marketer’s checklist is focused on accessing the right people at the right time and keeping them engaged.

So why are we all so bad at it?

Join Dave as he presents a practical, interactive webinar, launching his findings on the state of customer engagement and offering clear, accessible steps to help ensure 2018 is the year you transform your customer journey.

Attendees will be invited to share their own challenges for Dave to unpick, and presented with the opportunity to download their own copy of Improving Engagement 2018 after the webinar.

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