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Dennis Publishing employ a busy subscriptions team, sending on average 10 subscription builder emails a week. With a high demand on their time, coordinating sign-off from internal stakeholders was proving time consuming and was not always possible


  • Provide an effective way for stakeholders to provide feedback
  • Improve the quality of the final product

The Challenge

Dennis Publishing needed to find a way that they could automatically send the final campaign to all the stakeholders at once for feedback and sign-off. The stakeholders then needed a platform to submit feedback into a central area, so amends could be made quickly and efficiently so as not to delay send times.

The Solution

The Approval System allows our clients to control and record the sign-off process for email campaigns. This can be used both internally and with third parties who do not have access to Adestra’s platform. It works by sending an approval copy of the email to the nominated email addresses. This email can then be approved or rejected by the approval recipient via an approval feedback form. Feedback comments can also be added which can then be accessed within the campaign in Adestra.

The email campaign can then be launched automatically following approval, or launched manually allowing total control over email campaigns that leave Adestra.

The Results

The MessageFocus Approval System has helped ensure that campaigns are of a high quality and sent out on time as all stakeholders are able to easily provide feedback and amends.

“The MessageFocus Approval system has made a real difference to help ensure the quality of our emails. Working in a large organisation, it can be difficult to get all stakeholders to approve an email prior to launch but the approval is an automated way of doing this, making sure an email is checked before it is sent out.” Marketing Manager, Dennis Publishing