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iGaming Business provide high level information to the iGaming sector through magazines, events, websites and intelligent reports. With over 16,000 affiliates, operators and vendors regularly reading information offline and 75,000 online, they are the biggest publishing company within the sector. iGaming Business are part of Electric Word Plc, a specialist media group.


  • Increase conversions from free trials
  • Encourage trialists to engage with magazine content and online resources
  • Improve the trial experience

The Challenge

iGaming Business offer a free trial to their subscription product, which provides access to iGaming Business magazine and supporting online resources and webinars. But analysis showed that many trialists were not making use of the resources during their trial, and in some cases did not even log in. The conversion rate was poor. Typically one or two reminder emails would be sent during the trial period. This was a manual process for the marketing team and could result in a delay in key information being sent.

The Solution

iGaming Business worked with Adestra’s Professional Services team to create a nine stage fully automated trial nurture program using the Automation Program Builder.


The journey starts with a welcome email checking the trialist has received their log-in details and letting them know what to expect from their trial. This is followed by regular emails explaining the content available and encouraging the trialist to explore the online resources.

The emails are consistent and on-brand, and all feature a bold header telling receivers how many days they have left. This creates a sense of urgency, encouraging them to get stuck in and make the most of their trial.

Towards the end of the trial the reminders increase in frequency and include prompts to take out a full subscription, clearly stating the benefits. Finally trialists are told their trial has expired, given options on how to proceed and invited to give their feedback.



  • 49% average open rate across the program
  • Number of trialists logging in increased by 25%

average open rate


Automating the trial nurture journey has created a much better experience for trialists, guiding them through the content and resources available. This is reflected in the impressive engagement with the emails and an increase in trial activity.

All of this engagement has resulted in an impressive commercial result in a 33% increase in the trial conversion rate.

The positive impact of automating the trial nurture process has extended even further, allowing marketers to spend more time on strategy and planning, and reducing the number of trial-related enquiries coming through to the customer services team.

What’s next?

iGaming Business have seen that subscribers who engage from the beginning of their subscription and continue to engage have the highest satisfaction rates and are more likely to renew.  In response to this, they have developed a welcome program for new subscribers. The aim is to encourage users to become actively engaged with the resources from the beginning with a series of pro user tips.