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Jun 28 2017
4:00 pm UTC
by Anca Staples & Rob Amos

So what is the difference between segmentation and personalization?

Segmentation comes first in the process, and personalization is the result. Segmentation means you put people into similar groups, such as golfers, or wine-buyers. Or golfers who also buy wine. Or even left-handed golfers who like wine. Now that’s relevance as personalization in its highest form.

Personalization, at its most basic, can be as simple as merging the recipient’s first name in the subject line or message copy. Join our webinar to discover why using first names is nowhere near enough to let you check the box marked “Personalization” in your workflow, however.

Personalization is the destination and segmentation is the vehicle that gets you there. That without even considering the role of data, as the fuel that connects the two.

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