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  • Use an integrated channel approach to identify target audiences
  • Use segmentation to drive sales of a specific car model



The Taxi Shop has been selling new and used taxis and minibuses into the taxi market for 16 years, becoming the largest company of its type in England and Wales. It has unrivaled fleet terms with all the main UK manufacturers which means it can offer generous discounts and competitive finance deals to their customers.

BuzzedUp is a digital marketing agency that works with small- and medium-sized businesses on smart marketing projects to bring highly qualified leads into the sales funnel.


The Challenge

Specialist taxi dealer The Taxi Shop has grown from a £3 million turnover to £8.5 million in three years with support from Bristol-based marketing agency BuzzedUp. The taxi market has seen huge disruption from Uber and other app players, as well as many legislative changes. It’s a market with long sales cycles (3-5 years) where buyers do a lot of research and price is a major comparison point. So how do you grow a business in such a sharp environment?


The Solution

To help The Taxi Shop grow, BuzzedUp focused on building credibility for the brand via a number of channels by highlighting the company’s excellent vehicles, fast delivery times and high levels of customer service.

To start with, Facebook advertising helped BuzzedUp generate qualified inquiries and website traffic. This audience was then segmented based on product category and combined with those who had previously expressed an interest in minibus taxis, either overtly (by filling in a preference center form) or indirectly (by clicking on related products in email campaigns). Email was then used for brand communications and customer lifecycle marketing as well as lead generation and nurturing.

BuzzedUp input leads into Adestra’s email platform to ensure any new data was reflected in the database and used it to create multiple automation programs. These had the aim of introducing prospective buyers to the brand by providing them with more information, or re-engaging taxi drivers and fleet owners that may have become disengaged over time, depending on the segment.

The programs filtered the data based on the interest customers had previously expressed in terms of vehicle type to match them to a specific email offer. The success of this strategy encouraged the agency to use it across multiple campaigns.

The offer and messaging in the campaign led with a bold question “The best minibus tax deal today?” because the client was running a very strong promotion on the vehicle. Body copy included reviews from well-known auto sites, alongside features, benefits, phone number, pricing, and finance details for the minibus.


TaxiShop lead nurture email


The Result

This email campaign achieved a 26% open rate and generated 190 clicks to the product. This generated a revenue of £26,500, which translated to 823% ROI, as well as awareness and interest for future opportunities.


Open Rate





TaxiShop automation program


What’s next

Agency BuzzedUp intends to enrich the client’s data via continued use of prize-winning promotions, Facebook Lead Ads and industry partnerships. Using enriched data alongside powerful automation and personalization capabilities will enable BuzzedUp to continue sending individualized messages to The Taxi Shop’s audience. This will instill trust with their audience and support revenue-generating opportunities in a multi-channel approach.

"Our email campaigns definitely drive sales. We also acknowledge the role email plays in maintaining awareness for our business and generally growing our brand. Fleet owners and taxi drivers generally only change their vehicles every 3-5 years. So we need to be front of mind when that moment comes. We also get calls every day from people who say ‘I saw your email. I don’t want that particular vehicle, but what else have you got?’ Our email campaigns often run alongside paid Facebook ads, and I know that we also feed Facebook activity directly into our email campaigns too, so it is all joined up."

Rob Breuilly

Director at The Taxi Shop