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CoppaFeel is a renowned UK charity driving an important message home to 18-30 year old women: checking for breast cancer can be fun and lifesaving. From national awareness campaigns to festival and university hangouts, CoppaFeel place themselves at the heart of female culture to spread their message further. Awareness is at the core of their operation. As they say, you won’t find them on the street with a bucket, instead they’ll ask if you’ve checked your boobs recently.


  • To Improve deliverability of emails with challenging copy, including words like “boobs”

The Challenge

CoppaFeel’s nontraditional approach to communication has had a positive effect on raising awareness about breast cancer. But in order for them to reach an audience as wide as possible, their email campaigns needed to have maximum inbox placement. The emails are used to inform and educate their subscribers, and help people identify the early signs of breast cancer.

The Solution

Going forward, Adestra’s Creative Services team created a data capture form for CoppaFeel. This allowed them to include forward to a friend links in their emails, obtain new contacts and grow their database organically. And because they weren’t emailing cold data anymore, their spam complaints decreased and their sender reputation increased.

The Creative Services team also created a new HTML template, that adhered to email design best practice. So CoppaFeel could rest assured that their emails displayed correctly in the recipients’ inbox, and could concentrate on generating awareness around their campaigns instead.

CoppaFeel subject line preview


After implementing data review and collection processes, and optimising email templates, CoppaFeel witnessed a fantastic average 99% inbox placement rate. Another important factor that improved their deliverability was the subsequent decrease in opt-outs and spam complaints with an average 0.2% in each category.

These results demonstrate how using genuine subscriber data and a reputable ESP to distribute email campaigns can boost deliverability rates.


“Running a charity that is known for its boundary breaking approach and messaging, we knew that we would have some issues when it came to people’s inbox securities! So having the help from the Adestra team has been very valuable and has allowed us to overcome this issue. They are an efficient bunch and respond to our concerns promptly and professionally. Now we can all say boobs and not worry about it!” Maren Hallenga, Marketing Director


inbox placement rate


opt-out rate