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The challenge:

We were asked by Future Publishing to create a template or series of templates for them to use during the life-cycle of the PC Gamer Weekender event. The added complexity was that we needed to make it work for multiple types of content from news updates to big single announcements. It needed to be instantly recognisable from a brand point of view but also be engaging and stand out in the crowd so that it would boost ticket sales and excitement in equal measure.

The solution:

We wanted to create something bold and bright that would immediately stand out from other emails in the recipient’s inboxes. We also knew that the email needed to be flexible enough to deal with the different types of content, yet easy to use by anyone – not just users with experience using HTML.

For the design, we made use of background images; outside of Outlook we extended them beyond the 600px confines of a standard email to give them a greater impact. Then we scale them back when a recipient opens the email in Outlook as this approach wouldn’t work. We also took a number of elements and colours from the print and online materials to make sure that the look and feel was recognisable across all customer touch points; making the most of the medium and delivering something perfectly suited to getting key messages across in email.

For the build, we made use of the new Adestra Email Editor which allows for layout modules to be designed, coded and tested and then be re-arranged, repeated and edited by a marketer or content administrator; worry-free of display issues in any email clients. This means that the team have a modular, scalable, attractive and robust template to use for the remainder of the campaign. We also made sure that it was fully responsive across all modern devices including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

As always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the 1st send using the new template garnered a pleasing 100% increase in the click through rate.