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Future is an international publishing group and leading digital business. Set up in 1985 with a single magazine, it has grown to a portfolio of over 200 print titles, apps, websites and events.


  • Automate the subscription renewal process to save time.


The Challenge

Subscription renewals are essential for magazine publishers as they provide revenue from already existing customers – without having to incur new customer acquisition costs. The Future marketing team was going through this process manually by launching renewal emails to an exported list from their Customer Management System DSB.

The Solution

To help Future save time, Adestra’s Professional Services team took on the project of automating the subscription renewal emails for SFX magazine.

They first collaborated with DSB to setup an automatic daily data feed, handling different data points from personal details (like name and email address), to subscription type and the currency in which the subscription is bought. This data feed is automatically imported into Adestra’s platform and, using filters and dynamic lists, is attached to the correct campaigns in the automation program.

The email content of the subscription renewal emails was built using conditional content to display the right message, subscription, currency, correct discount and customer details. The emails are built on a subscription lifecycle, starting with a renewal at birth offering a special discount soon after the subscription is first taken. The renewal reminders are then sent at pre-determined intervals before the end of the subscription.

The Professional Services team setup and tested the 192 permutations of the emails to make sure SFX subscribers receive the best user experience. They also supplied a document and training to allow Future to replicate the renewal program with their other titles.

Future SFX renewal program

The Result

As the initial subscription renewal program with SFX was very successful, Future have rolled it out to an additional 24 titles.

Specifically, automating the subscription renewal emails has saved the company a day and a half every week plus additional significant cost savings in managing the project, allowing them to focus on strategy and optimization.

The timing of the campaigns has also improved email engagement with an overall 20% increase in open rates and 14% increase in click-through rates. One of the most successful campaigns was the PC Gamer winback email, which had a 34% increase in open rates and a staggering 107% increase in click-throughs.

By saving time, optimizing delivery and increasing engagement, Future have seen an impressive 25% increase in email-driven revenue year on year.


increase in revenue YoY