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Frugi is an online retail brand providing organic clothing for new-born babies to girls and boys up to 10 years and women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding wear.


Frugi succeeded in inspiring passion for their products and brand with their welcome and nursery program. The results speak for themselves, with not only great engagement rates but a fantastic impact on the bottom line as well.


  • Convert email subscribers to customers.
  • Encourage repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

The Challenge

Frugi is extremely passionate about what they do, the quality of their products and their target audience. In order to inspire the same passion with their subscribers and customers, the team needed to communicate their brand values, identity and offering in a way that resonated with them.

The Solution


A clever automated welcome and nursery program was created using Adestra’s Automation Program Builder. The program uses a mix of brand messaging, fun tone of voice and discounts to encourage purchases and instill brand loyalty. As a common thread running through all the campaigns, the emails include reasons to love Frugi and customer testimonials.

New email subscribers and customers are automatically entered into the program. If they make a purchase during the course of the program, the journey branches accordingly.


The campaigns are similar in design and content (dramatically reducing time spent on creative upfront), but the messaging is cleverly tweaked to target each journey. For example, for the first email:

  1. New customers receive a campaign with the header: ‘Got everything you need? We thought we’d stop by and see how you like your new Frugi goodies so far.’
  2. New subscribers who haven’t yet made a purchase receive a campaign with the header: ‘Here’s a few things you might not know about us’.

The program has three stages, ending with a limited time free delivery offer on your first or second purchase.

Nursery email campaign example – new client


Welcome email campaign example – new subscriber


The Result

The welcome and nursery program has been an incredible success for Frugi. Using Adestra’s Conversion Tracking feature, they’ve been able to attribute direct revenue and conversions from these emails. Some of the best results include:

  • The first subscriber campaign attracted the highest number of conversions on the first purchase with a £71 average order value
  • The final stage achieved an 11% click-to-sale rate for first-time purchasers and a fantastic 21% click-to-sale rate for repeat purchasers
  • The subscriber welcome journey had an average open rate of 56% and an average click-through rate of 21%
  • The new customer nursery journey had an average open rate of 70% and an average click-through rate of 23%

average order value