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SheerLuxe is an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, brands and goods on offer.


  • Improve inbox deliverability
  • Improve open and click through rates

The Challenge

SheerLuxe wanted more of their subscribers to be engaged with their content and offers. However, their use of promotional words like ‘sale’ and ‘offer’ meant some of their emails were being filtered to the junk folder.

Their challenge was two-fold: improved inbox deliverability and engagement rates. This would entail a better IP reputation, higher open rates and a happier, more
connected audience.

The Solution

Adestra took a three step approach to help SheerLuxe:

  1. evaluated data collection process
  2. evaluated use of email design
  3. introduced data best practice.

Firstly, their data review process was reviewed to create a cleaner database for SheerLuxe. This involved updating subscriber information to separate those contacts who still wanted to receive their emails.

Secondly, their templates were redesigned to ensure all code was clean and friendly, which prevented emails from landing in the junk folder.

Finally, a data management approach was put in place. An automated process was set up in MessageFocus to add all unsubscribes and continued bounces to suppression lists.

The Result

After implementing these best practice rules, SheerLuxe achieved a 98.8% deliverability rate. This, combined with a database of active and interested customers, generated an increased open rate, and higher engagement. Therefore, their campaigns now benefit from a wider reach.

Before reviewing their practices, SheerLuxe’s open rates averaged 3%. A cleaner database meant open rates as high as 31%. That’s an improvement of 1033%

SheerLuxe’s case is an example of how managing your data practices, and enhancing your email templates can improve your campaign deliverability and goals.


“Working with Adestra we have improved our deliverability through data best practices and changing the way we see our data. More names on the list is not necessarily better and we have seen a marked improvement in our results because of the work that has been done.” Marketing Manager,


deliverability rate


higher open rate