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Fenwick is an independent group of department stores in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1882 by John James Fenwick in Newcastle upon Tyne, and today consists of several stores across the country. The Fenwick store group has a reputation for distinctiveness and innovation, striking the perfect level of prestige.


  • Deliver a personalized experience.
  • Inform Fenwick’s customers of their local store events.
  • Capture data about their customers so they can tailor messaging.

 The Challenge

Fenwick’s email communications are at the heart of customer communication and include information about the most current offers, new product ranges, in-store events and sales. Fenwick believes that sending communications that are relevant and personal based on customer profiles is paramount to delivering a great customer experience.

When new contacts sign up to receive emails, they receive a triggered welcome email asking them to input their local store so they can get customized emails based on that location. However, Fenwick noticed that some contacts had not filled out their preferences, so they decided to rectify this through two dedicated campaigns.


The Solution

Using the Dynamic Lists and Filters features in Adestra’s platform, Fenwick was able to segment the contacts who had not submitted their preferences, resulting in an initial batch of 23,000 subscribers. To rectify this, their team set up two dedicated campaigns. The first campaign was centered around the goal of encouraging customers to share more information including their preferred store, birthday, gender and departmental preferences with the view to ensuring that they would receive more relevant communications.




The primary call-to-action was a link to a dynamic preference center which updates with current data held about a contact and then allows the customer to change these preferences if necessary. Followed by two further calls-to-action including store-specific content, events and gift card options.

The second campaign focused on Black Friday in-store offers with a clear secondary messaging asking customers to set their preferences.

The Result

The two campaigns proved an incredible success for Fenwick. Using Adestra’s Dynamic Lists feature, they have been able to report on the number of customers that completed the process.

The campaigns received brilliant average open rates of 38% and 35%, respectively. So far, this strategy has resulted in 9.2% of their database being populated with data.


of database has filled in their preferences