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February 2013 | toinfinity ran a series of email campaigns to a variety of different data segments advertising a Weird Fish online sale. The results were great and using conversion tracking they reported considerable sales and boost in conversion rates.

Company name: Weird Fish
Agency: toinfinity 
toinfinity logoThere’s never been a better time to grow your business online. toinfinity help their customers maximize their potential online through the use of bespoke digital marketing strategies.
Designed and developed by: Alex Barber, Jon Marriott

Campaign details

Subject line: Hurry! Stock selling fast! Further reductions continues

Open: 20%
Click: 6.8%


What data was used?

toinfinity’s campaign was sent to 12 different sets of segmented data depending on where customers were in Weird Fish’s buying cycle. This included current buyers, current leads (people who had recently signed up), lapsed buyers (customers who bought over 12 months ago) and lapsed leads (people who signed up over 12 months ago and hadn’t bought).


  • Encourage current / lapsed customers / leads to make a purchase
  • Encourage brand interaction

What makes this a performing campaign?

toinfinity’s & Weird Fish’s subject line choice instilled a sense of urgency, driving recipients to open their email. They also featured the primary benefit at the end of the subject line: that recipients could enjoy sale prices on Weird Fish’s product ranges.

The email creative featured strong branding similar to that of Weird Fish’s online store. This meant that recipients instantly recognised the sender and were more likely to engage with the message. The content within the email was split by male/female clothing and by different sizes in order to encourage action from recipients with different buying needs. This choice meant that clicks through to the online store performed strongly.

In order to increase email engagement and conversions toinfinity conducted a re-send to non-openers 4 days later, which resulted in another 953 conversions over 10% more than the original send. The campaign was exactly the same apart from the subject line – “˜Keep Warm with up to 70% OFF our Winter Sale!’

The results

Strong branding and creative email content acted as positive purchasing drivers for toinfinity ‘s Weird Fish email campaigns. Using the MessageFocus conversion tracking functionality meant that toinfinity could identify the ROI generated from these email campaigns with financial and quantity measures. Combined both campaigns generated almost 2,000 conversions and between both launches, toinfinity achieved an average conversion rate of 1.5%.

Want to know more?

toinfinity, an Adestra agency partner, have extensive experience in helping brands grow and increase sales with highly targeted messages.

For more information on how we can help you create performing campaigns contact us today.

Full email campaign

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