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Oct 03 2018
3:00 pm UTC
by Dale Langley
Dale Langley
Dale Langley, Head of Deliverability at Adestra

It’s easy to assume it will never happen to you. You’re a savvy marketing professional, with all your personas lined up and a sophisticated content calendar scoped out for the year. You sell a quality product, and you just know your subscribers will be itching to open that latest campaign and get buying.


But then it happens: you hit the junk folder. Whether it’s an isolated case with a specific email client or a more widespread issue, the ramifications of having your campaigns classified as spam are severe, with everything from your budgets to your sender reputation taking a significant hit. In the wake of more stringent privacy legislation, too, businesses are finding there’s far more than their brand integrity on the line…


So how do you get out? In order to achieve this and maintain your reputation, it’s important to understand the factors that got you there in the first place. Presenter Dale Langley has over a decade’s experience in the digital marketing space, with a strong technical background in email. Here at Adestra he heads up our Deliverability team, offering expert help and campaign analysis to futureproof our clients’ campaigns using the latest best practices.


From spam traps and segmentation to whitelists, blacklists, and firewalls, Dale will be leading you through a comprehensive guide to the essentials of deliverability and tackling the biggest challenge of all: getting your email into the inbox and keeping it there.


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