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Is your email program ready for the evolution?

Email is still the workhorse of the digital world, delivering the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel. And in recent years, it has expanded its utility beyond just being a broadcast channel; the email address itself is now your key to unlocking the unique identifier of the individual consumer.

But for it to be effective, it must be done right.

Our new Zoom-in report in partnership with ClickZ Intelligence aims to uncover the key trends in email marketing, the extension of email beyond just a promotional vehicle as well as enable you to assess whether your email provider is truly helping you to fulfill your marketing potential in this new era.

The report looks at:

  • How the average consumer manages their email account
  • Why email addresses are still the foundation of online identity
  • How segmentation and automation have changed email marketing forever
  • Tactics for future-proofing your email marketing strategy

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