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November 2014 | Adopting a responsive email template, and a best-practice approach to coding significantly increased Dobbies’ engagement rates.

Company name: Dobbies Garden Centres
Designed and developed by:  Ruth Heath

Campaign details

Subject line: Decorate your front door ready for Christmas
Open: 22%
400% increase in CTOR


What data was used?

Database of Dobbies Garden Centres’ subscribers.



  • Increase engagement of mobile subscribers.

What makes this a performing campaign?

Using Adestra’s Campaign Reporting to evaluate their email engagement rates, Dobbies noticed that even though their average open-rate of 20% was higher than the industry average, their conversion metrics were not meeting expectations.

The Email Client Report revealed a possible cause for this. Even though approximately 68% of opens were coming from mobile devices, their emails were not optimized for mobile.  Also, their previous template was almost entirely image-based, alienating subscribers who turn-off automatic image downloads.

Adestra’s Email Design team built a new template for Dobbies which was mobile responsive. The links were changed to responsive buttons, and a flexible area for copy was added to avoid image-only emails. And because their audience is active on social media, Dobbies also added social sharing buttons to the re-designed template.


A preview of how the email rendered on mobile


The results

The increase in click-through rates was immediately noticeable. What’s more, not long after implementing the new template, the open rates started rising as well.

Compared to a similar event-based campaign, this email had a 15% increase in opens, and a fantastic 400% increase in click-to-opens.

Do your templates need a mobile upgrade?

Our team of HTML and CSS experts can help you create a responsive template that is easy for you to edit, and a pleasure for your audience to engage with. Contact us today to find out more.



increase open rates


increase CTOR

Want to know more?

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