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Student BMJ logoSeptember 2013 | To ensure they were focusing their marketing efforts on engaged and interested recipients, Student BMJ sent a re-engagement campaign asking their subscribers to opt in or out from their email campaigns.  As a result Student BMJ’s email engagement increased by 35%.

Company name: Student BMJ
Designed and developed by: Nene Udofot

Campaign details

Subject line: Continue to receive the most valuable email for medical students – update your details today
Open: 20%
Click: 6.8%


What data was used?

The Student BMJ database

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Subscribers to the Student BMJ monthly journal email


  1. To ensure the Student BMJ email database has the most up-to-date contact data
  2. Increase engagement rates for the Student BMJ monthly email campaign
  3. To provide a transparent view of their campaign effectiveness

What makes this a performing campaign?

Student BMJ had a clear strategy in mind when it came to their email marketing activity; ensure everyone receiving the Student BMJ monthly email newsletter really wants to receive it. And to make sure they met this strategy, they underwent a re-engagement exercise that encouraged recipients to update their Student BMJ email preferences; essentially opting in or out of their emails.

The preference request email concentrated on reminding recipients of how valuable Student BMJ content is to medical students, while also outlining Student BMJ’s email content mission statement to their recipients.

Recipients were provided with a clear call-to-action: either click the big, green YES button to opt in to the Student BMJ emails and continue to receive them each month, or click the red NO to opt out, and be removed from the email database.

The results

Student BMJ reported very positive engagement rates for their campaign. What’s more, the click-through’s indicated that their recipients valued the content they received from Student BMJ with 85% opting in to carry on receiving the monthly journal emails.

A second, resend-to-non-openers campaign was launched one week later, generating a further 2000 clicks at nearly a 7% CTR which again, were largely positive subscription requests, not unsubscribes.

Want to know more?

For more information on how we can help you create performing campaigns contact us today.

Full email campaign

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