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The Taxi Shop has been selling new and used taxis and minibuses into the taxi market for 16 years, becoming the largest company of its type in England and Wales. It has unrivaled fleet terms with all the main UK manufacturers which means it can offer generous discounts and competitive finance deals to their customers.

BuzzedUp is a digital marketing agency that works with small- and medium-sized businesses on smart marketing projects to bring highly qualified leads into the sales funnel.


  • Generate incoming leads and trackable engagement for follow-up by the sales team

The Challenge

Minibuses sold for use as hackney cabs must be approved by local authorities across the UK. Each authority has its own rules and the client’s vehicles are adapted, authority by authority, to comply. With this in mind, BuzzedUp developed a series of highly targeted campaigns.

The Solution

For a number of local government authorities where The Taxi Shop’s vehicles were approved for use, BuzzedUp created unique video content. Each video was edited to include local references: towns and county names. BuzzedUp’s short videos were delivered using two complementary channels: email and Facebook.


Adestra’s postcode filter allowed BuzzedUp to segment the database. The agency chose postcodes matching the target area and, importantly, were also able to exclude people living in nearby towns where vehicles were not licensed for use.

Just like the videos, the email copy and imagery was localized to include references to the main towns in the county area targeted. CTAs linked to a hidden landing page for each campaign, similarly localized area by area, each featuring its own bespoke video. The aim being to create a seamless journey from inbox to landing page, one that felt relevant for each prospect.

Email campaigns were sent in two waves over one week.


Using Facebook’s ad targeting BuzzedUp served each chosen region with video ads that echoed the localized campaigns.

Facebook campaigns ran for two weeks before, during and after the email campaigns.

What our users say

"Good segmentation like this gave me the confidence that our email offer was only reaching the right people."

BuzzedUp Testimonial Logo

Mick Dickinson

Owner at BuzzedUp


The Facebook video ads performed well with 20% of viewers watching the full video;  and about half watching for at least 10 seconds. Although clicks on links were moderate, those leads that clicked through proved to be very high quality.

Email campaign reports showed deliverability, open and clicks rates above average compared to other general campaigns. The campaign achieved a 22% average open rate.

The sales team used exported data to:

  • Match records against inbound enquiries in the hours and days after the campaign.
  • Follow up with outbound calls to selected people.

The overall ROI for the campaign was 1,100%.*

In summary, this highly successful campaign combined on-line channels (email, paid social and personalized landing pages) with off-line activity (inbound and outbound telemarketing) to deliver outstanding results and ROI. Short, localized video content proved a highly effective way of capturing the audience’s attention.

*ROI is calculated as follows: Gross Profit – Marketing investment / Marketing investment.


average open rate



What our users say

"Sales are up thanks to this town-by-town approach. My sales guys know exactly where the leads are coming from, increasing their local knowledge and having better customer conversations as a result."

Rob Breuilly

Director at The Taxi Shop