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In 2018, 281 billion emails were sent every day.

It shouldn’t surprise you, therefore, that we’re really proud of our clients and how their emails stand out and perform in a crowded inbox.

We’ve been showing you our favorite emails each month (although we liked more, we had to choose just one). But now, you’ve got the option to vote for your favorite as Campaign of the Year 2018.

Because we’re not expecting you to remember them all, here is a summary of each Campaign of the Month winner, after which you’ll be able to vote for your chosen overall winning campaign.

But hurry up: you have until midnight, January 18th to cast your vote.


Voting is now closed.

January: BIC Graphic’s newsletter boasts impressive open rates

Brand: BIC Graphic USA

Campaign creation by: Brittany Howard

54% OR | 20% CTOR

February: Museum Selection celebrates longer-term customer loyalty

Brand: Museum Selection (Ardington Ltd)

Campaign creation by: Beth Roach


41% OR | 15% CTOR

March: SMA celebrates mothers with integrated email and social campaign

Brand: SMA

Agency: Blueberry Wave

Campaign creation by: Ogilvy and Blueberry Wave


38% OR | 5.8% CTOR

April: Using emails as eTickets proves advantageous for RCM Annual Midwifery Awards attendees

Brand: The Royal College of Midwives

Agency: Redactive

Campaign creation by: Fay Rayner

53% OR | 52% CTOR

May: Historic England uses smart automation to re-engage contacts and support GDPR compliance

Brand: Historic England

Campaign creation by: Marina Nenadic

47% OR | 35% CTOR

June: Frontier Developments achieves 53% click-to-open rate in their pre-launch campaign

Brand: Frontier Developments

Campaign creation by: Sophia George

47% OR | 53% CTOR

July: Kano achieves 16% average click-to-open rate with their cross-channel pre-launch strategy

Brand: Kano Computing Ltd

Campaign creation by: Georgie Ma

22% OR | 16% CTOR

August: The National Garden Scheme activates 15,215 subscribers with a re-engagement campaign

Brand: The National Garden Scheme

Campaign creation by: Jo McGowan

59% OR

September: Fortnum & Mason keep subscribers sweet with ambitious cross-channel campaign

Brand: Fortnum & Mason

Campaign creation by: Bimal Tailor

35% OR | 98% Deliverability

October: GE Appliances nurture brand loyalty with seasonal campaign

Brand: GE Appliances

Campaign creation by: Emily Wheeler

13% CTOR | 20% OR

November: 20% off everything

Brand: Webtogs (Internet Fusion Ltd)

Campaign creation by: Lee Newton, Rachel Cooke and Jamie Craw

24% OR | 14% CTOR

December: Five days of free Christmas gifts starts… NOW!

Brand: University of Birmingham | Conferences and Events

Campaign creation by: Kat Warder, Susie Day, Michelle Lane and Steven Bister

52% OR | 85% CTOR