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Centaur Media logoMarch 2013 | Centaur Exhibitions maximized event awareness for the Travel Technology Europe show by delivering timely email content to already interested contacts ensuring it rendered perfectly in all email clients. Great content and email design boosted their email results achieving an open rate 176% higher than the industry average*. 

*Source: DMA National Email Benchmarking Report  2011

Company name: Centaur Exhibitions
Designed and developed by: Alex Softley, Daniela Reck

Campaign details

Subject line: The Event Starts Tomorrow – Don’t miss your opportunity to benefit

Open: 36%
Click: 8.3%


What data was used?

A list of pre-registered event contacts (3,057 contacts)

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Contacts who had previously registered their interest in attending the event


  • To remind pre-registered contacts that the Travel Technology Europe show was one day away
  • To encourage further engagement from registrants and to remind them of the benefits of attending the event

What makes this a performing campaign?

Centaur targeted their pre-registered event data with an engaging subject line and email content encouraging people to review the benefits of being at the show and what they would gain from attending TTE. Within the email they included useful event information such as travel directions, key contact details and event timings. This was a great way of ensuring their contacts had no excuse not to attend.

Using personalisation is also a great way of attracting the attention of the recipients. Centaur coupled first name personalisation with a great email design which rendered well across all email clients, ensuring that vital content wasn’t missed by recipients. Centaur also made sure that the Travel Technology Europe show branding wasn’t hidden behind excessive imagery and that the key message was visible throughout.

The results

With a fantastic open rate of 36%, this campaign demonstrates the benefits of targeting your audience with the right content, at the right time. The expressed urgency within the subject line and the subsequent content within the email all combined to encourage recipients to click through and resulted in an excellent click rate of 8.3%.

The heat map reporting within MessageFocus has identified that a massive 35% of the total click activity was directed on the “˜Seminar Programme’ link at the top of the email. This reiterated the fact that Centaur knows their audience and the importance of targeting them with relevant information.

Want to know more?

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Full email campaign

Centaur Exhibitions email