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Sleep is Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for the global hotel design, development and architectural community.


  • Improve pre-registration conversion rate to at least 47%
  • Increase engagement with email communications received following pre-registration and improve the experience for the visitor

The Challenge

Sleep is a free to attend event, so a big challenge for the marketing team is to maximize the number of pre-registered visitors who actually attend on the day. The team were concerned that declining engagement with marketing emails could impact their ability to meet their tough target of increasing the pre-registration conversion rate to at least 47%.

The Solution


The team worked with Adestra to automate their conversion emails with the aim of improving timeliness and relevancy of content. Upon completing the pre-registration, visitors were entered into a program providing key details about the show and practical information such as travel and hotels. The journeys were segmented depending on whether the visitor was a VIP, a regular visitor or had been registered by a colleague.

Part way through the cycle, the emails for the VIP and Colleague series were optimized to include more images, and reduce the amount of text and links. This made the emails more engaging and easier to digest.

The Result

The average open rate for the automated emails was 40% and the average click-to-open rate was 15%. They had outperformed the ad-hoc marketing campaigns by a significant margin:

  • 119% higher open rates
  • 76% higher click-to-open rates

Following the content optimization of the VIP emails, the average click-to-open rate increased from 11.5% to 21.1%.

Despite some of the automated emails starting later in the cycle than planned, the team were really pleased with their performance and contribution to the success of the event. The team managed to hit the pre-registration conversion rate target comfortably at 47.2% and the overall visitor number grew by 9% YOY.

For their next event, the conversion emails will be in place as soon as registration opens. They will also look at automating the nurture journey ahead of pre-registration, and sending people on different routes depending on their level of engagement with the initial emails. Using link labels, they will be categorizing links and using this insight to personalize content to visitor interest further on in the cycle. The ultimate aim is to automate and personalize every aspect of the visitor journey.


higher open rates


higher CTOR