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Ensure the investment you’ve made in marketing automation isn’t going to waste.

Automated Spam? How to Measure and Improve Your Marketing Automation Programs cover

Marketing automation has swept through marketing like a bushfire, with companies and agencies alike declaring it the definitive tool for driving sales and more importantly, building longstanding relationships with clients.

But according to this report, there’s a real problem — too many companies are using marketing automation so ineffectively that their messaging is coming across like spam. In this free guide from the experts at Adestra:

  • Discover why marketing automation needs time to bed in before it can start delivering ROI.
  • Uncover why having a dedicated team in charge of your marketing automation can make all the difference.
  • Decide if marketing automation is the right fit for you and your marketing — or if you would be better served by a dedicated email marketing platform.

Don’t neglect your marketing automation — or you run the risk of turning off the very clients you’re trying to reach out to.

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