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Harrod UK was founded in 1954. At the heart of their offering are innovative products, designed and manufactured at their site in Lowestoft, Suffolk, using 60+ years of experience. These include structures for kitchen and ornamental gardens, renowned for striking the ideal balance between decoration and functionality, providing inspiration to gardeners all around the world.


  • Drive incremental revenue through targeted and relevant automated emails
  • Improve the customer experience

The Challenge

Harrod Horticultural’s marketing team knew they were missing out on revenue opportunities by not being able to respond to key customer events and behaviors in a relevant and timely way.

The Solution

By putting the customer at the centre of their marketing planning, they developed a full range of relevant and targeted email campaigns, executed using the powerful automation capabilities of MessageFocus:

  • 3 stage Welcome Program (newsletter sign ups)
  • Thank you for your order (segmented by customer type and value)
  • New Customer Welcome (segmented by customer type and value)
  • Cross-sell/ accessories
  • Product anniversary (replenishment for seasonal products)
  • Abandoned basket

First, they created a Welcome Program for new sign ups establishing the brand, and the reasons to buy from Harrod Horticultural.

Then, importing their transactional data into MessageFocus allowed them to segment customers based on previous purchases, and target them with specific, relevant messages at each stage in their lifecycle. One such campaign ensures that customers who make a first purchase are thanked and warmly welcomed. The messages are tailored for high value customers and those who have purchased made-to-measure products.

Harrod also use transactional data to drive cross-sell emails, making useful recommendations on accompanying products and accessories.

They have also set up automated replenishment emails, reminding customers when it is time to top up on seasonal gardening essentials. One of these campaigns achieved a fantastic click-to-sale rate of 47% among other incredible results, winning our April Campaign of the Month.


The automated emails have performed exceptionally well for Harrod Horticultural. Not only are their engagement rates significantly higher, but they’re also making a big impact on the bottom line:

  • Automated emails bringing 26% of the total revenue attributed to email
  • Click-through rate from opened emails for triggered emails: 14%
  • Conversion rates on some emails as high as 7%

These emails aren’t just about short-term revenue, but about keeping the brand ‘front of mind’ and providing engaging content that their customers find welcoming and relevant.



average open rate and above


increase in revenue YoY