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Future logoAugust 2012 | By using video content in their email campaign Future increased open rates by 30%.

Company name: Future Publishing
Designed and developed by: Adam Bishop

Campaign details

Subject line: 3 days until Japfest 2: Drift Taxis, 1000’s of cars & more!

Open: 53% (of attempted)
Click: 13% (of attempted)


Email campaign designed to target Japfest 2 subscribers with an update on the event and encourage ticket sales.


  • To raise awareness of the Japfest 2 event in July 2012
  • To increase response rates in their email campaigns

What makes this a performing campaign?

Engaging an audience is a challenge most email marketers face in today’s digital climate with messages being delivered on a constant basis to consumer’s computers, smartphones, TV’s and tablets. Adestra client, Future, needed to find a way to engage and boost audience response rates for Japfest 2 email communications. Future event, Japfest 2 is a celebration of performance Japanese motors. They decided to feature video content in their email to see if it would excite and instigate action from the audience. With the help of Adestra’s partnership with Video Email Express from Liveclicker they were able to embed a section of code into their campaign in MessageFocus. This ensured that for every email they sent either a video, animated GIF or static image was displayed in the inbox depending on the recipient’s email client’s capabilities.

Placement of the video content

Adding video content in an email requires planning and prior content testing to make sure that the most exciting element isn’t wasted upon delivery, but instead drives open rates through thoughtful content placement. This is something Future successfully executed with the strategic positioning of their video. They placed the video in the preview pane of the email so it would be the first thing the recipient saw when receiving the email and entice them to open.

Viral content

In addition to including richer content in their campaign content, Future also gave their recipients the opportunity to share the email on two different social networks. Facebook and Twitter links were added liberally throughout the email after a specific area of promotional content giving them the opportunity to raise more awareness and drive more conversions for the Japfest event.

The results

The results speak for themselves. By using video content in their email campaign Future generated a 53% open rate and a 13% click rate. Comparing similar email campaigns, one with video and one without, the campaign that featured video content enjoyed a 30% higher open rate and 9.2% increase in clicks.

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