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April 2013 | By pairing email engagement data with purchase history data, and sending a targeted campaign with a compelling, limited-time offer, Evans Cycles achieved a stunning £22k conversion value – an increase in revenue of approximately 50% over other emails sent to lists of a similar size.

Brand: Evans Cycles
Agency: more2More2 logo
More2, an Adestra partner, is the UK’s leading database marketing consultancy for multi-channel retailers.
Designed and developed by: Chris Gosden

Campaign details

Subject line: Great Scott! New clearance bikes just in

Open: 37%
Click: 8.3%


What data was used?

A list of 250k contacts.

Who was the campaign targeted at?

Engaged UK Customers who have not made a bicycle purchase in the past year.


  • To encourage people interested in Evans Cycles to purchase a clearance-model bicycle
  • To maximise sale revenue with a time-sensitive offer

What makes this a performing campaign?

Evans Cycles targeted contacts that had previously expressed interest in their emails, but hadn’t purchased a bicycle from them in the past year, offering great deals on clearance-model bicycles.

The foundation of their list was customers who hadn’t purchased a bicycle from Evans Cycles in the last 12 months. This data was sourced from the single customer view database via integration with more2, Evans Cycles’ marketing database provider, encompassing both online and offline purchase history. They further refined it with a MessageFocus filter, based on open rates, to ensure the message was sent to engaged subscribers: those who had opened an email in the past 60 days. The graphics-heavy design in the email highlighted popular cycle models, showed the significant savings for consumers, and gave a clear incentive to buy now.

Giving subscribers a related reason to click, in addition to your primary offer, is another great way toincrease conversions. Evans Cycles did this by highlighting their most popular bike brand at the top, and including a secondary section in their email for purchasing other clearance bike models. This attracted more subscribers to their website, and significantly increased conversions compared to previous emails sent to lists of a similar size.

The results

With an open rate of 37% and a click rate of 8.4%, this campaign demonstrates the power of pairing email engagement data with purchase history data.. The time-sensitive nature of the clearance offer within the subject line, and the additional offer content within the email, combined to encourage recipients to click through. Importantly, the offer inspired more website visitors than ever to purchase. In fact, overall purchases generated 50% more in total revenue compared to other, similar campaigns.

Link performance for this email identified that the primary banner for the clearance of Scott bikes was almost tied for equal performance with the secondary banner for Evans Cycles’ entire selection of clearance bikes (each drawing 25% and 26% of links, respectively). It gets more impressive when you remember the secondary link was well “˜below the fold.’ This clearly demonstrates that delivering a tailored message, to a filtered list of subscribers based on purchase and email engagement data, can result in a significant uptake in purchases.

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more2, an Adestra partner, is the UK’s leading database marketing consultancy for multi-channel retailers.

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Full email campaign

Evans Cycles email