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The UK Association of Online Publishers (AOP) is an industry body representing digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content.

AOP champions the interests of media owners from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media.


  • Capitalize on the opportunity to offer native advertising positions in their email newsletters
  • Ensure ads are relevant to their audience and enhance overall newsletter content
  • Deliver this in an operationally-efficient way


AOP newsletter 2015

The Challenge

Considering AOP’s strong audience of digital publishers, they receive numerous advertising requests from the likes of Google, the Guardian, and AppNexus, who would like to get in front of this valuable audience.

While their email newsletters seemed like a natural outlet to source this demand, AOP wanted to ensure that this initiative would not add to the workload of their marketing team, and that the ads would be relevant to the newsletter content


The Solution

In order to satisfy the advertising demand coming their way, AOP worked closely with Adestra, their email service provider and a partner of LiveIntent, to redesign their email templates to include LiveIntent-powered ad units.

In less than two days, AOP and Adestra were able to redesign AOP’s templates to accommodate LiveIntent’s LiveTag technology. Once LiveTags were implemented, AOP was able to quickly traffic their direct-sold advertising demand into their newsletters through the LiveIntent platform.



Introducing ad units to AOP’s newsletters has been successful on multiple levels. Perhaps most importantly, the ads complement the newsletter content, introducing a new, non-disruptive monetization channel for AOP.

Additionally, the ad units are easy to traffic with the LiveIntent platform minimizing the operational lift, and creating greater efficiency for future campaigns. Lastly, advertisers have benefited, with their performance averaging a CTR of 0.18% and establishing confidence around the longevity of this monetization solution.


average CTOR on ads