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HighRoad Solution is an association-specific digital marketing agency that implements and integrates email marketing and marketing automation platforms that best fit its clients’ current technologies and needs. It empowers associations by ensuring they have the right tools, skills and strategies to succeed in today’s digital world.

The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA) is an active professional organization of almost 6,000 members with a mission to enhance the success of its members through continuing education, building relationships, promoting member image and increasing the value of the CPA. The society and its members work together to strengthen the CPA profession and better serve the public.


  • To implement an easy-to-use email platform with flexible features, mobile responsive templates, advanced security
  • To increase communications and productivity, and save time

 The Challenge

Every marketer knows the feeling of frustration when technology roadblocks get in the way of their creative vision. That’s exactly what the ASCPA previously experienced with email marketing. The ASCPA found that email drained too much time and energy, leaving little to focus on the association’s message and other marketing efforts. Because the ASCPA’s marketing team regularly worked remotely, the team struggled to find an email platform that met their security requirements, but allowed them the flexibility to work anywhere. The association didn’t have access to technology that was easy to use, which caused the ASCPA to be very dependent on constant agency involvement to send email campaigns. The ASCPA’s marketing team wanted the freedom to create visually appealing, mobile responsive emails in house.

A sample email from the ASCPA created in the Adestra platform

The Solution

Because the ASCPA needed a platform that featured association-friendly templates, mobile responsiveness and robust email automation abilities, HighRoad Solution knew to point its clients towards Adestra. When the ASCPA’s Director of Marketing saw Adestra’s platform features, she decided it was time to make the switch. She chose the Adestra platform based on its flexibility, time-saving features, intuitive reporting options and email editor capabilities.

To transition the ASCPA with ease, HighRoad Solution used its project methodology for rolling out a phased approach when clients undergo digital transformations. The approach includes training key users on new systems while implementation is in progress to ensure they are comfortable when they begin using new technology. In just six weeks, HighRoad Solution used this methodology to introduce the ASCPA seamlessly to the Adestra platform.

The Result

The ASCPA team is now able to work independently and has full control of its email marketing efforts. The adoption of the Adestra platform provides flexibility for staff to work remotely when needed without login issues. The email editor allows the ASCPA to create visually appealing emails in half the time of their previous system, according to their Director of Marketing. Leaving them with more time to channel into valuable activities such as strategy and planning. Staff members are much happier and even reporting that the Adestra platform is “fun.” With its new mobile-responsive template, the ASCPA has seen open rates increase by 18% (from 28% to 33%). This increase in engagement means that the association is better able to meet its new and current member engagement goals.


increase in open rates