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What happens to your email campaigns as soon as you hit “send?” Do you know who’s reading your messages, or what devices they’re using to read them? Do they even read your emails at all?

We’re always trying to track where our customers are going and what they’re doing. We scroll through spreadsheets looking for clues in the underbrush of statistics, but we’re either mystified by them or too scared to contact them at all.

What we really want to know is how consumers interact with, and think about, the email messages they receive. So we asked 1,200 of them, from teens to baby Boomers, living all over Australia.

Below are three highlights from our extensive survey:

  1. Surprise! Teens do use email.

It’s true. The generation that was supposed to abandon email in favor of social media, texting, and chat apps uses email for clearly defined communications—and the most popular among them is communicating with brands.

  1. Email is the No. 1 channel for communicating with brands and companies—by a long shot.

All age groups, teens to millennials to boomers, see email as an essential part of everyday life. They are checking their inboxes first thing in the morning and then all day long, whenever the mood strikes.

  1. Teens communicate with their friends through Facebook Messenger.

When they aren’t checking their inboxes, Australian teens are likely staying in touch with their friends on Facebook Messenger. Other chat apps and straight-up texting aren’t as popular and likely don’t present as lucrative a messaging opportunity.

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