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The Publishing Software Company (PSC), specialists in producing computer software for the magazine publishing industry, which includes ad sales management and invoicing announces integration of their Contact Manager with Adestra’s MessageFocus, an advanced email marketing platform.

The integration allows users to select individuals in their PSC Contact Manager database quickly and easily, and then send the selected contacts to their MessageFocus account where they can both broadcast and manage campaigns from within the MessageFocus email platform. MessageFocus has a multi-tiered design that is ideal for the business structure of publishers, allowing multiple brands or divisions to all exist separately as part of one account. This is unique – no other email service provider has been designed in this way.

Post-email send information, recorded by the comprehensive MessageFocus reporting suite, is then transferred back into PSC reporting all the bounces. This, combined with other data collected through MessageFocus forms, is added to the PSC database allowing advanced targeting and segmentation. Contact information, therefore, is automatically updated and users of PSC’s software will see a message next to the contact if their information has been flagged as bounced. This means the user can manually contact and update details to keep the data clean.

From one-off broadcasts to more comprehensive integration, the new Adestra/PSC partnership helps marketers co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions and handle responses in a reactive manner. This benefits users in a number of ways: giving greater control over their email marketing; improving bounce suppression and deliverability; and, using best practice guidelines, can significantly improve response rates. This, combined with the benefits that the unique structure that Adestra’s MessageFocus brings, makes for a great partnership.

Steve Denner, Director at Adestra, comments: “We’re very pleased to have agreed this partnership with PSC. It gives their users greater flexibility, and enables them to maximise the value of their data through using powerful email marketing tactics with our email platform MessageFocus. With our experience in the publishing sector, this integration will benefit our existing and new clients – the bottom line is improved response rates.”

Laurence Cope, Managing Director of the Publishing Software Company, said “With this addition of PSC’s link to Adestra it now means that PSC’s clients can quickly and easily send their selected contacts to Adestra’s MessageFocus where they can send out bulk emails and manage their email campaigns using one of this country’s best email marketing platforms. PSC’s programs consist of a number of inter-connected programs which includes solutions for advertising sales order entry, contact management (CRM), accounting, subscription and controlled circulation management and flatplanning. Whether you are searching for key account information, monitoring sales performance, copy chasing, invoicing, analysing trends or managing workflow, PSC’s ensures increased productivity through shared information which can be tailored to each individual so that for example sales, accounts, production and management can only see and or change what they need to do their jobs.”

For more information on PSC contact Laurence Cope on +44 (0) 203 1574044 or email
For further details on Adestra visit   or contact , +44 (0)1865 242425