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Today’s new release gives you everything you need to know about a contact, all in one place

Our clients have been asking for a central place where they can quickly load and find all of the information they need on an individual contact; from the date they subscribed, to what lists they belong to, to how they have interacted with your emails.

Introducing the Contact Profile

The Contact Profile gives you a central place where you can find all of the information you know about a contact, quickly and easily.

An example screenshot of the contact profile

The Contact Profile

Once you click on a contact from the data viewer you’ll find a host of new functionality, including:

Screenshot of the list history tab

The New List History Tab

Screenshot of the Contact Profile Geo Tracking

Contact Profile Geo Tracking

Check out the Contact Profile section in the MessageFocus Help for more information on this powerful new update 

What else is new in MessageFocus 2.7?

Change a link in an email, even after the email has been sent.

Load and save filters easily in the dataviewer

We’ll be giving you more information on today’s new release over the next few days.

If you have any questions about the changes to MessageFocus, please contact your Account Manager or email us on