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New features bring functionality and insight to clients, for better email marketing results

Adestra announced today the v2.8 release of MessageFocus, with an array of features to make managing and improving email programs even easier.

Key Features

Launch Calendar

Easily coordinate email campaigns with the new launch calendar. The calendar view gives visibility into all sent and scheduled campaigns at a glance. Include launches from the whole account, a particular workspace, a project or just a user. View by day, week, month or year.

Calendar Preview

Benchmark Reporting

See how email measures up to other campaigns in your entire MessageFocus account. Performance is indicated via thumb up, or thumb down icons in the Campaign Reports. Based on how well a particular campaign has done against the average.

Compare results against other workspaces, or projects over a selected period of time. Get an instant rating of performance for delivery, open-rate, clicks,  unsubscribes and conversions.

Benchmark Reporting Screenshot

Updated Heatmap

The new, improved heatmap continues to give a great visual overview of the most clicked links in a campaign. Enhancements include:

Heatmap Preview

Purchase History Filters

MessageFocus users now have the ability to create custom filters based on transactional data. Once a contact’s purchase history is in MessageFocus, users can use tags and set filters to send them targeted messages. Create campaigns based on specific products, types of product or average or total spend.

IP Authentication by Email

Adestra customers now have another security option when it comes to data protection. In addition to IP access restrictions and OTP Tokens, clients are also able to add IP Authentication by email to their MessageFocus account. When a user logs on from an unknown or un-authenticated IP address, they will receive an email at the account associated with their MessageFocus userID, containing an authentication link, which they must click before being allowed access to the system.

These features are all live, now, and available to existing Adestra clients. A full list of features, enhancements and bug fixes is available in our help documentation.

About Message Focus

MessageFocus is Adestra’s powerful, easy-to-use, enterprise technology. Built to be customized, MessageFocus matches its structure to your business requirements. Hundreds of organizations have chosen Adestra for MessageFocus’ unique, flexible account structure, excellent deliverability, and our unparalleled customer service.